MakersType Roadmap

RoadmapwideMakersType Roadmap

Upcoming Features

Social media sharing integration
Expected May 2023
Designer Stats
Expected June 2023
Designer Interviews
Expected July 2023
Variable Font Sorting
Expected November 2022
Customized Suggestions For User Accounts
Expected December 2023
Quarterly Events (Design Contests)
Expected January 2024
Free Live Typography Lessons

Completed Features

Expand Fonts to show full font family
Completed July 2022
User Submitted Photos
Completed July 2022
User Accounts
Completed May 2022
Completed May 2022
Star Rating
Completed May 2022
Completed May 2022
Introduced MakersType communities on Facebook and Discord
Completed May 2022
Custom Text Examples
Completed April 2022
Collaboration Fonts
Completed March 2021
Soft Release of MakersType
Completed October 2020