Someflowers Font

About the Someflowers Font

Someflowers is a bouncy flower font from Brittney Murphy Design!

Only letters and numbers included.

Uppercase letters are taller and lowercase letters are short. Switch back and forth between the two to create a bouncy look.

There are also short and tall numbers.
For short numbers, use 0-9.
For tall letters:
) (or 0+Shift) = 0
! (or 1+Shift) = 1
@ (or 2+Shift) = 2
# (or 3+Shift) = 3
$ (or 4+Shift) = 4
% (or 5+Shift) = 5
^ (or 6+Shift) = 6
& (or 7+Shift) = 7
* (or 8+Shift) = 8
( (or 9+Shift) = 9

For a tall blank (empty) flower, use :
For a short blank (empty) flower, use ;

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Someflowers Character Map
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Uploaded: May 13, 2022
Downloads: 1
Category: Aesthetic Fonts

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