17 Great Valentines Fonts and Dingbats: Updated for 2022

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Valentines Fonts Valentines Fonts

Here is a quick cheat sheet for you to help find great Valentines Fonts for 2022. This list features 5 great symbol fonts for all of your hearts, lip prints, and banners that you might want vector forms of, as well as 13 assorted fonts that could work great for your project.

Symbol Fonts (Dingbats)

1. MF Love Dings & MF Love Dings 2

Mf Love Dings

Misti has several fonts on the list this year. She is super creative when it comes to using alternative mediums to create glyphs. MF Love Dings 1 and 2 is a huge set of easy-to-use vector images for giving your project an organic feeling by using multiple styles of hearts and other useful images.

Designed By: Misti’s Fonts
Free for Personal Use


Bittersweet 01

Bittersweet a set of floral dingbats created by Emily Spadoni. It has an assortment of flowers, leaves, and other greenery that you can use individually or layer together for a custom look.

Designed by: Emily Spadoni
Free for Personal Use

3.XOXO Misti / Kiss Kiss / 26 More Kisses

Kiss Kiss

These are three sets of authentic lipstick prints also by Misti’s Fonts. All three fonts offer 26 unique variations so you can easily pick out which one works best with your project or use multiple to give your project an authentic look.

Designed By: Misti’s Fonts
Free for Personal Use

4.KG Heart Doodles

Kg Heart Doodles Fp 950x475

Kimberly Geswein’s symbol font Heart Doodles has an assortment of hand-drawn hearts phrases. This font will be a great addition to your Valentine’s design kit. Perfect for making a great design in a hurry.

Designed By: KG Fonts
Free for Personal Use (Also Classroom Friendly)

5.MF Heart Stuff

Mf Heart Stuff

Misti’s Heart Stuff has tons of labels and hearts to help accent any design you are working on for this Valentine’s Day. Great for quickly adding zing to your lists, flyers, or worksheets.

Designed By: Misti’s Fonts
Free for Personal Use

Valentines Fonts

6.DJB Cutouts

Djbfonts Cutouts2

Darcy Baldwin’s DJB Cutouts is a handwritten cut clean block font with hearts (or stars, or flowers) as the cutout in glyphs. Easily legible on its own, this font gives a simple accent to any typography you are using for your V-Day Projects.

Designed By: DJB Fonts
Free for Personal Use (Also Classroom Friendly)

7.Lipstick Rage

Lipstick Rage

Misti again uses creativity with her mediums for Lipstick Rage, which was hand drawn with actual lipstick! It has a raw and authentic look that will add a bit of flair to your projects!

Designed By: Misti’s Fonts
Free for Personal Use

8. KG I and Love and you

Kg I And Love And You Fp 950x475

If you are looking for letters encased in hearts, Kimberly’s I and Love And You will work great! An all-caps font that works on one level for lowercase and another for the upper, you can easily give a bouncy look to your letters, while still keeping the hearts in a straight line.

Designed By: KG Fonts
Free for Personal Use (Also Classroom Friendly)

9. Eleganta


Eleganta is a beautiful calligraphic script typeface. It was drawn and created by Misti Hammers and Måns Grebäck in 2019.

As the name implies, it is first and foremost an elegant script, but with its handcrafted shapes preserved, it is still down-to-earth and affectionate.

Use it in romantic or celebratory contexts, for an invitation or anywhere you want to transmit a personal message.

Designed By: Misti’s Fonts and Måns Grebäck
Free for Personal Use

10. Caravela

Caravela Poster01

Caravela is a decorative formal typeface drawn and realized by Mans Greback in 2020.

Inspired by 17th-century typographic works, this work lifts some of the absolute best elements from the golden age of calligraphic lettering, bringing it to life in a new, modern setting.

It contains several alternate alphabets, a great set of ligatures and hundreds of contextual functions, which combined make the writing appear as a true hand-painted piece of art.

Also included is the Caravela Swash style, a font that contains more than 50 decorative elements to be used with the lettering for an even greater visual effect.

Designed By: Måns Grebäck
Free for Personal Use

11. Preside

Preside Poster01

Preside is a fresh, hand-painted script typeface. Its round curves and soft shapes will add warmth to your project.

Created by Måns Grebäck, this font contains OpenType functions such as contextual alternates, ligatures, and stylistic alternates, and comes in two styles: Light and Bold. With a large collection of special letters and characters, Preside supports hundreds of languages.

Designed By: Måns Grebäck
Free for Personal Use

12. Beautiful Things

Beautiful Things Dafont

Beautiful Things is a wistful non-connecting script with sweeping ascenders and descenders and natural, flowing lines for an informal, yet elegant look. Created in 2018 by Brittney Murphy design, it contains over 700 glyphs, including foreign Latin characters, alternates and ligatures, giving you the ability to add a variation with a single font. Because of its extensive additional characters, Beautiful Things is great for a wide variety of images and projects, including logos, headlines, bylines, and more.

Designed by: Brittney Murphy Design
Free for Personal Use (Also Classroom Friendly)

13. Georgina

Georgina Ff

Another elegant option, Georgina is an adorably chunky script font from Brittney Murphy Design. Includes a light version as well.

Designed by: Brittney Murphy Design
Free for Personal Use (Also Classroom Friendly)

14. Carried Away

Carried Away

A great script that would work great in any Valentine’s design is Carried Away from Emily Spadoni. Its decorative, yet legible, letters add an elegant feminine touch.

Designed by: Emily Spadoni
Free for Personal Use

15. Undulant

Undulant 01 Hero

I worked on writing something up, but Missy’s own description is just too good!!!

“Undulant is a curly, swirly, girly font great for anyone who wants a little more curl in their life. It’s swirly, twirly, curly, and very girly: it’s Undulant!”

Designed By: Missy Meyer

16. Lovers In February

Lovers In February

The final font on our list is also from Misti’s Fonts, Lover in February, a quirky and whimsical font that gives you the option to add a heart naturally into your text by using the underscore character. Lovers in February gives the feminine appearance of someone writing a casual note to a loved one.

Designed By: Misti’s Fonts
Free for Personal Use

New Valentines Fonts for 2022

17. True Love Hearts

True Love Hearts Regular Title
True Love Hearts allows you to write a loving message for your friend all wrapped in hearts.

Designed by: Brittney Murphy Design
Free for Personal Use (Also Classroom Friendly)

What Valentines Fonts do you like? Which ones in this list have you used before? Share with us on Facebook and Instagram

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