Suburban Flamingo

Suburban Flamingo Font

About the Suburban Flamingo Font

Suburban Flamingo is a quirky and chill sans typeface created by Brittney Murphy Design in 2022. This font has soft rounded corners, and almost no descenders, making it very easy to pair vertically with other text. The upper and lowercase are mono-height against themselves helping keep your design tight and uniform, but still with all of the personality. It features support for most Latin-based languages and a full set of punctuation and numbers.

What Can you Create?

Suburban Flamingo works great for summer event flyers, birthday party invitations, all kinds of kids’ designs, and any design you want to add a little fun to

Suburban Flamingo Demo
Suburban Flamingo Demo- Preview Image
Suburban Flamingo Character Map
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Font Details

Uploaded: April 22, 2022
Downloads: 14
Category: Sans Fonts

Download Files

Suburban Flamingo Demo.otf
Suburban Flamingo Demo.ttf
Suburban Flamingo Font ReadMe.txt

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