KG Tribeca Stamp

Kg Tribeca Stamp
Kg Tribeca Stamp Fp 950x475 (1)

KG Tribeca Stamp is a distressed sans created by Kimberly Geswein in 2014. This chunky stamped font has LOTS of texture. Its bold stroke weight and uniform sizing make it easy to place in your design. In order to get the most out of this font, use a large font size to show off all of its tiny details.

Warning: This font is very heavy and might cause issues with older computers. Try it out before purchasing a license so you know if your computer can handle it. For Windows users, this font might freeze the Windows Font Viewer. Right-click on the font file to install rather than clicking on the font file.

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KG Tribeca Stamp Character Map
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Uploaded: October 13, 2020
Downloads: 157
Category: Sans Fonts

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