Rough Puff

Roughpuff 01
Roughpuff Alphabet
Roughpuff Mock Wreaths
Roughpuff No P In Ool
Roughpuff Tee Crazy

It’s kind of cute, but it’s kind of rough . . . like a kitten with claws. Like a puppy that bites. Like a cupcake when you’re gluten-intolerant. It’s Rough Puff!

Most of my typefaces are taller and thinner, so I wanted to go with something a little more round and plump. But to keep it from becoming too darling, I drew the letters with a textured brush to give them a tougher edge. Rough Puff’s lowercase letters are sized tall so they can be mixed and matched with the uppercase to give a unique handwritten look.

And since I drew a couple of matching wreaths to use in my sample images, I’m including those two wreaths for you to use as well!

Rough Puff includes:
– OTF and TTF font files
– Uppercase A-Z, lowercase a-z, numbers 0-9
– Standard punctuation marks, including weirdos like the copyright symbol
– 200 accented characters for foreign language support – Over 300 characters total
– Fully Unicode/PUA encoded for easy Character Map & Glyphs panel access
– Two bonus wreaths included in both SVG and PNG format

Rough Puff
Rough Puff- Preview Image
Rough Puff Character Map
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Uploaded: October 9, 2020
Downloads: 27
Category: Aesthetic Fonts

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