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About the Scissor Madness Font

Back in 2017, I was working on a cutout font that I originally wanted to call Scissor Madness. In the end, I named it Cut Along and it was quite a popular font for a while. This week I decided to clean up my fonts folder a bit (as I usually have tons of unfinished fonts lurking in there) and I found a file named Scissor Madness. It was the original try-out for Cut Along. It contained a couple of nice glyphs that I never used, so I started playing around with them and after a day, I had a whole new font! So, in short, Scissor Madness was partly cut out by hand, partly computer made, but it is 100% fun to use! Scissor Madness comes with a bunch of very cute discretionary ligatures.

Note From the Designer

This is the demo, bare bones, version of Scissor Madness. It is free for personal use ONLY. If you are going to use it commercially, buy the full version, which comes with kerning, embedding rights, all glyphs (including the 4 & 5) and extras from my site: You CANNOT use this font in games, apps, or software or on YouTube. If you want a license for that, buy one from my site or read the FAQ file included in the zip.

Scissor Madness Demo
Scissor Madness Demo- Preview Image
Scissor Madness Character Map
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Uploaded: July 21, 2022
Downloads: 2
Category: Aesthetic Fonts

Download Files

Hanoded Fonts License & FAQ - READ ME!.pdf
Scissor Madness DEMO.otf

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