Spicy Sugar

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Most of my free fonts fall into one of two categories: the early fonts I made while I was learning construction, and smaller-scope fonts that don’t have a lot of features or cleanup.

With Spicy Sugar, I wanted to create a freebie with the same quality and content you’d find in my paid fonts!  That means hand-drawn characters that are also cleaned up by hand, so they have reduced nodes and are sharp and clean.  Plus a ton of extended Latin characters for language support, a number of alternates, and 37 multi-letter ligatures to keep a hand-written look even if the same letter shows up twice in a row!

Your Spicy Sugar download includes:
– Two weights: Spicy Sugar and Spicy Sugar Thin!
– OTF and TTF desktop font files, plus WOFF and WOFF2 web font files!
– Over 330 extended Latin characters for language support!
– Over 45 alternate versions of heavily-used letters!
– 37 multi-letter ligatures for a hand-written look!
– And of course, everything is PUA-encoded for easy access in any program.

I’m giving away Spicy Sugar with my regular one-user desktop license. It allows most standard commercial uses, including unlimited use in digital designs, broadcasting, book covers, branding, and more!  See the included PDF for all licensing details. Click the “Download Link” button to grab this font from my website!
Spicy Sugar
Spicy Sugar- Preview Image
Spicy Sugar Character Map
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Uploaded: October 31, 2020
Downloads: 64
Category: Sans Fonts

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