The Holiday Doodles Font Collection

by Missy Meyer

A set of three fonts developed for my Holiday Doodles webcomic.

So as you may or may not know, I drew a web comic called Holiday Doodles. (You can see the archives at the Holiday Doodles site.) And the fonts used on that comic are ones I’ve made, of my own handwriting.

The original font I used when I started putting the doodles online back in 2013 was one I’d created the year before, back when the great site would let you create fonts for free on National Handwriting Day (January 23, and it’s telling about how long I’ve been dealing with weird holidays that I didn’t even need to look that date up.)

So, the original is … kind of jacked up. Because it was auto-created by a website for free. But it also has a real charming roughness to it.

Holidoodletidy- Preview Image Preview Image
Holidoodlescoarse- Preview Image Preview Image
Holidoodlesmiddle- Preview Image Preview Image
Holidoodletidy Character Map Image
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Uploaded: October 9, 2020
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