by Missy Meyer
Undulant 01 Hero
Undulant Alphabet
Undulant Mock Book
Undulant Mock Card
Undulant Mock Cupcakes
Undulant Mock Label
Undulant Mock Shirt
Undulant 01 HeroUndulant AlphabetUndulant Mock BookUndulant Mock CardUndulant Mock CupcakesUndulant Mock LabelUndulant Mock Shirt

Undulant is a curly, swirly, girly font great for anyone who wants a little more curl in their life.

It’s swirly, twirly, curly, and very girly: it’s Undulant!

I drew up this font quite a while ago, and for some reason, it got set aside and lost. I’m willing to bet I saw a shiny object. Or a squirrel. At any rate, I discovered it nearly complete while I was cleaning up my computer, and I really liked it!  I decided to not do too much cleanup on the lines, so they have a bit of a rough edge (though they’re still smooth enough for paper and vinyl cutters).

Undulant includes:
– OTF and TTF font files
– Uppercase A-Z, lowercase a-z, numbers 0-9
– A hearty bunch of punctuation, including weirdos like the copyright symbol
– Over 200 accented characters for foreign language support
– Over 330 characters total
– Fully Unicode/PUA encoded for easy Character Map & Glyphs panel access

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Undulant Character Map Image
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Uploaded: October 9, 2020
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