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Featued Designer Emily SpadoniFeatured Designer Emily Spadoni

Who is Emily Spadoni

Emily is an artist, designer, and maker who works in both physical and digital mediums and excels at both!!!

You may recognize her work used on brands like Adobe, Random House Publishing, American Greetings cards, Glamour Magazine, and Twinkies!

Top Fonts

By 2018, Emily felt like she was able to execute her vision in her work and created her favorite two fonts of hers: Bottoms Up Love and Roseroot Cottage.

Bottoms Up Love Font Duo Extras Fp 950x475

Bottoms Up Love Font

Roseroot Cottage Font Collection Fp 950x475

Roseroot Cottage

If you are looking for a hidden gem, check out So Lovely. Emily was going for something a little different than her typical style and created a little bit more of an edgy script that contrasted thick glyphs with thin connectors. It really shines when you use it as large bold text. Often on websites, the size is just a little small to see all the detail and character it has. It would be great for giving your project a uniquely elegant hand-drawn look.

So Lovely Font

So Lovely

Jack and Me

Ishbs 3360x448.2224989835 78hxb2de
In 2018, Emily went back to her roots with handmade metal jewelry. Her first love and formal training was in wood and metal crafting, and as she says, “I was itching to build in 3-dimensions instead of 2 for a change.”

This led to the creation of her store, Jack and Me, on Etsy, where she has hundreds of amazing handcrafted jewelry of all shapes and sizes. (Jack is her Grandfather who taught her much about this work in their family factory.)

The success of Jack and Me has led her to work on this full-time, but she says,

“I still get to enjoy fonts and graphic design on my stationery and packaging. Definitely still a font geek and completely obsessed with pretty packaging. I sneak some quotes and typography designs into the jackandme_store Instagram. I still get lost playing with fonts for hours!”

Please take some time to check out her fonts here on MakersType, and also check out Jack and Me and see if there is anything that fits your project!

Thanks for being part of the MakersType community, Emily!


(The links here are the best way to get in contact with her currently)
Jack and Me Etsy Store

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