Month: July 2022

Featured Designer Emily Spadoni

Featured Designer | Emily Spadoni

Who is Emily Spadoni Emily is an artist, designer, and maker who works in both physical and digital mediums and excels at both!!! You may recognize her work used on brands like Adobe, Random House Publishing, American Greetings cards, Glamour Magazine, and Twinkies! Top Fonts By 2018, Emily felt like she was able to execute… Continue Reading ›

Font Spotting And User Submitted Work

Font Spotting and User Submitted Work

Font Spotting As designers, it’s always a pleasure to see our work “In The Wild”–on billboards, menus, t-shirts, and all kinds of other media. Fans “font spotting” on their own and sharing pictures by tagging us on Twitter, or just sending an email to show us what they found is always something fun and uplifting.… Continue Reading ›