Font RoundUps

Coolest Font 2022

Our Coolest Fonts for early 2022

How are we already one-quarter of the way through 2022? We have lots of exciting changes coming to MakersType, but while those are still simmering, we wanted to share with you some of our coolest fonts from this year so far. If you have fonts you like would like to submit to our list, let… Continue Reading ›

10 Great Fall Fonts For 2021

Ten Great Fall Fonts for 2021

Looking for some great Fall fonts that are free to download? Here are 10 great options for your designs for Autumn 2021. What makes a good fall font? It’s important to remember that there is not really anything that is a “fall font”. The most important thing is to pick out something that goes with… Continue Reading ›


20 Great Christmas Fonts 2020

Presenting MakersType’s 2020 lineup of our best Christmas Fonts. These will all work great in your holiday cards, winter graphic design projects, and help give any crafts an instant feeling of happy cheer. Let us know which ones you like and share with us on social media pictures of how you have used them. 1.… Continue Reading ›