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Font Spotting And User Submitted Work

Font Spotting and User Submitted Work

Font Spotting As designers, it’s always a pleasure to see our work “In The Wild”–on billboards, menus, t-shirts, and all kinds of other media. Fans “font spotting” on their own and sharing pictures by tagging us on Twitter, or just sending an email to show us what they found is always something fun and uplifting.… Continue Reading ›

Chequered Ink Team

Please Welcome Dan and Allison | Chequered Ink

We are excited to announce Chequered Ink has joined MakersType! Dan and Allison are experienced designers with over 1000 fonts in their catalog, they cover a wide variety of uses including bold and strong industrial to imaginative fantasy inspired fonts. Currently, we only have about ten percent of their work up, but you will see… Continue Reading ›

Find Fonts Fast

Find Fonts Fast

Best Way | Homepage | Search | Dashboard | How do I find fonts? | How do I find a Specific Font? | Is there an app? What is the best way to find fonts? If designing your own custom text isn’t an option due to time or other factors, the ability to find fonts… Continue Reading ›

New Features for MakersType

New Features May 2022

Introducing New Features for MakersType We are proud to announce several new features that are all designed to streamline your workflow and help you find the highest quality fonts available. User Accounts Up until now, there was no way to track your fonts and leave comments for designers and the community as a whole. Your… Continue Reading ›

Makerstype Designer Communities

MakersType Facebook and Discord Communities

MakersType Designer Communities As designers, we often are by ourselves without many people to ask questions and get opinions from, especially if you are a new designer. We wanted to create some spaces where all types of designers and users can come together to learn, improve, and have as much fun as possible. We also… Continue Reading ›

MakersType Designer Community

MakersType Designer Community

History About 4 or 5 years ago I helped start a small group of designers who work together while remaining completely independent, which we now call the MakersType Designer Community. This has been a fantastic addition to our workflow and confidence. Having a group of people we can ask for help, bounce ideas off of,… Continue Reading ›

Collaboration Fonts

Collaboration Fonts

Collaboration Fonts From time to time designers will work together on a single font or group of fonts. This can be fun, and help designers learn from each other. Until now, this has been difficult to handle on distribution sites. Typically one designer or the other has to share the font, sometimes renaming it for… Continue Reading ›


Launching A Dream

Brittney never checks her email. Like … ever. Most of the time she has several message notifications in her Facebook account. Texts… nope! Just talking to people in general terrifies her. Continue Reading ›