Font Tips

Font Pairing Opposites Attract Script & Standard

Font Pairing Guide | Pairing Script Fonts

What fonts pair well with Script Fonts We’re often asked about how to pair fonts, especially when it comes to scripts. One common mistake we see is pairing two fancy script fonts, which can create confusion and detract from readability. While it’s possible to make this pairing work, it takes a lot of experience and… Continue Reading ›

Find Fonts Fast

Find Fonts Fast

Best Way | Homepage | Search | Dashboard | How do I find fonts? | How do I find a Specific Font? | Is there an app? What is the best way to find fonts? If designing your own custom text isn’t an option due to time or other factors, the ability to find fonts… Continue Reading ›

Allowed Uses For Fonts

Allowed Uses For Fonts MakersType

Allowed Uses for Fonts on MakersType We are working to help content creators and graphic designers alike have an easier time understanding when you need a license for the font, and if you do, which type of license. Currently, on MakersType, we split all fonts into three categories of allowed uses based on commercial use… Continue Reading ›

Coolest Font 2022

Our Coolest Fonts for early 2022

How are we already one-quarter of the way through 2022? We have lots of exciting changes coming to MakersType, but while those are still simmering, we wanted to share with you some of our coolest fonts from this year so far. If you have fonts you like would like to submit to our list, let… Continue Reading ›

Font Spaceing Regular

Font Tips | Font Spacing: A Quick and Easy Guide

Over and over we see new designers struggle with Font Spacing. It’s common for someone to invest time in finding just the right font, but once they do, don’t spend much time tailoring that font to their design. Understanding all the options available in highly functional fonts will take your typography to the next level. However, the first adjustment can be done with any ttf or otf font available. Adjusting letter spacing in a project takes little time and can make a drastic impact on the readability and feel of the words in your project.  Continue Reading ›

10 Great Fall Fonts For 2021

Ten Great Fall Fonts for 2021

Looking for some great Fall fonts that are free to download? Here are 10 great options for your designs for Autumn 2021. What makes a good fall font? It’s important to remember that there is not really anything that is a “fall font”. The most important thing is to pick out something that goes with… Continue Reading ›

Choosing the right font

Choosing The Right Font: Highly Functional Fonts

So you have a style of font in mind and you have a trusted source to choose from, now it’s time to make sure your font will meet all of your project’s needs. One thing to check for is that you are selecting Highly Functional Fonts. Not all fonts are created equal. Just because it… Continue Reading ›

Reputable Font Sites

Choosing The Right Font: Reputable Font Sites

When choosing fonts for your next project, making sure you find them from reputable font sites will help you, the project designer, your client, and the font designer. I will admit it… I wasn’t always this way. At one point in time, I was naïve enough to believe that picking the right font was easy… Continue Reading ›