Our Coolest Fonts for early 2022

Coolest fonts early 2022Coolest Font 2022

How are we already one-quarter of the way through 2022? We have lots of exciting changes coming to MakersType, but while those are still simmering, we wanted to share with you some of our coolest fonts from this year so far. If you have fonts you like would like to submit to our list, let us know your opinion on some of the best fonts for designers in our new Facebook group.

KG Take On The World | Hastafi | House of the Dragon | Heart Freaking Tastic | Funky Vibes | Starch Raw | Sunny April | Cottage Cheese | Murality

We now Present our coolest fonts for early 2022

KG Take On The World

KG Take on the World Font

I love how Kimberly walks you through her life with her font titles. If you have never noticed you can read back through her fonts and often find how what was going on in her life at the time (or at least what she was listing to at the time). Take on the World is bold, clean, and classically handwritten as she is so good at doing. If you don’t follow her on social media you really should. Honest, real, and uplifting. So often she will create a hand-drawn quote that fits perfectly for my day.

Designed by: Kimberly Geswein Fonts
Free for Personal Use (Also Classroom Friendly)


Hastafi Font

“Hastafi is a classy serif typeface”, I don’t think I could have said it any better than Mans did. With three versions (regular, italic, and swash), Hastafi is different enough to stand out, while still being familiar and classic. Intermixing the swashes on specific characters can really give your project an original look, and Mans always has ligatures and alternates to create even more depth. Hastafi works great for single-word text that you want to fill up the space and not look empty.

Designed By: Måns Grebäck
Free for Personal Use

House of the Dragon

House Of The Dragon Poster02

This is one of my new favorite fonts this year. Projects that use this font will instantly have eyes drawn to it. The “Deco” version really goes over the top with class and elegance. Combined with the fact that (as most of Måns fonts do) you have the ability to customize the text with the alternates and ligatures.

Designed By: Måns Grebäck
Free for Personal Use

Heart Freaking Tastic

Heart Freaking Tastic

All of the hearts… all of them. Heart Freaking Tastic is an easy way to add some flair to your project. It’s over the top and that’s what it’s made for. Obviously great for Valentine’s Day, but can be used with all types of projects where you are wanting to show some love. This font also comes with two special characters that can be great for cutting projects.

Designed by: Brittney Murphy Design
Free for Personal Use (Also Classroom Friendly)

Funky Vibes

Funky Vibes Font

Misti puts such personality into all her work. Always being creative and coming up with great new ideas. Funky Vibes give off such a whimsical feeling while still perfectly suitable for professional projects. For brands or projects that are looking for a quirky typeface that gives off a party feeling, this will fit in perfectly.

Designed By: Misti’s Fonts
Free for Personal Use

Starch Raw

Starch Raw Font

Missy has a great font family called Starch with 10 fonts included. To create it she started with hand-drawn letters before fully polishing it. and Starch Raw is the pre-polished letters made into a quick font. This font has all kinds of characters with imperfections that make it unique. This font is also completely free for personal and commercial use.

Designed By: Missy Meyer

Sunny April

Sunny April Font

Sunny April is one of Misti’s newest fonts. With her handwritten and classy calligraphic style, this typeface can be used on so many things in a wide variety of designs. Super clean, but also super casual, and as all of Misti’s Fonts, super cute.

Designed By: Misti’s Fonts
Free for Personal Use

Cottage Cheese

Cottage Cheese Font

Brittney was trying to go for a rustic font with a “Cottage Core” style. (She may have made that up, it’s unconfirmed at this point. 🙂 ) As you can instantly see, this typeface will look great on any of your farmhouse projects. This style would pair great with brands that want an “old school” feeling with just a touch of quirky.

Designed by: Brittney Murphy Design
Free for Personal Use (Also Classroom Friendly)


Murality Font Poster

I just added this font to MakersType, but I had to add it to this list. With six styles, this hip-hop-styled graffiti font is a stand-out and will be great for your next project where you need the text to carry the load of the design.

Designed By: Måns Grebäck
Free for Personal Use

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Cool New Fonts For 2022

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