Ten Great Fall Fonts for 2021

10 Great Fall Fonts For 2021 Wide10 Great Fall Fonts For 2021

Looking for some great Fall fonts that are free to download? Here are 10 great options for your designs for Autumn 2021.

What makes a good fall font?

It’s important to remember that there is not really anything that is a “fall font”. The most important thing is to pick out something that goes with your design. Depending on what look you are trying to give your project, many fonts could work great, but this is a list of fonts that give us that typical fall feeling and will work in all kinds of projects: fonts that remind us of crunching leaves, warm drinks, family get-togethers, and warm colors.

With this cheat sheet, we hope to lead you in the right direction and give you ideas for your next project. Feel free to use them on your projects or learn to get an eye for what you like about them and find others that you like as well.

10 Great Fall Fonts

1. Autumn in November


If your project needs handwritten calligraphy that will give it an autumn feeling, this font by Misti will be a great fit! Misti gives this font a romantic look that flows very well. It works great for SVG print projects as well as headlines, bylines, and all sorts of designs in between.

Designed By: Misti’s Fonts
Free for Personal Use

2. Skydancer

Skydancer Title

Skydancer was created with a dry maker and comes with lots of alternates to help you customize the look of your design. Often it reminds me of writing that you would find in an old diary.

Designed by: Brittney Murphy Design
Free for Personal Use (Also Classroom Friendly)

3. World Series

World Series Poster01

Mans has been able to catch the vintage feeling of the world series in a font. I honestly have no idea how he does it over and over. If you are looking at giving your project a sporty feel with a vintage style this fall, check out World Series.

Designed By: Måns Grebäck
Free for Personal Use

4. KG Thank You Stamp

Kg Thank You Stamp Fp 950x475 (1)

Kimberly created a great font that can make it look like you stamped out a message for someone while saving all the time and effort of actually doing it. This bolder font works great for getting your message out with a DIY vibe in your project.

Designed By: KG Fonts
Free for Personal Use (Also Classroom Friendly)

5. DJB Candy Corn Font

Djbfonts Candycornfont4

Candy Corn is a staple of the fall season (they even have Turkey Dinner Candy Corn now). Using this font on your project will almost assuredly bring memories back for anyone who sees it. It’s worth remembering that fonts are also vector images, so this could even be scaled up to make a banner for a fall party.

Designed By: DJB Fonts
Free (Also Classroom Friendly)

6. Krinkes

Krinkes Poster02

If you’re looking for something a bit more formal for your Autumn design, give Krinkes a look. With large decorative capital letters and swashes, Krinkes is great for elongating small words to fill up your design.

Designed By: Måns Grebäck
Free for Personal Use

7. DJB I Love a Ginger

Djbfonts Ginger5

I Love a Ginger has so much character and its hand-drawn style works really well to give your headline an autumn atmosphere.

Designed By: DJB Fonts
Free (Also Classroom Friendly)

8. Sugar Plums

Sugar Plums

Also sometimes seen as “Sweet Pea”, Emily Spadoni’s Sugar Plums font has a soft and calm feeling that it gives to designs. It’s a hand-lettered cursive font that also comes with a bonus file including leaves and flowers and other things that can work perfectly in your projects this fall.

Designed by: Emily Spadoni
Free for Personal Use

9. Cute Little Sheep

Cute Little Sheep

Its friendly demeanor makes this font incredibly versatile, fitting a wide range of contexts. If you are looking for a charming weighted script font, Misti is so good at adding subtle details that add depth to each character and that transfer well into a wide variety of projects.

Designed By: Misti’s Fonts
Free for Personal Use

10. Langbourne

Langbourne Title

Langbourne is the newest font on the list, released in September 2021. A rustic mixed-case font that was created with a dip pen and inkwell, Langbourne gives a strong rustic and natural feeling to your projects. Brittney said it is inspired by her favorite fantasy design aesthetics. This font would work across many different designs, from logotype all the way to fun party invitations to your friends.

Designed by: Brittney Murphy Design
Free for Personal Use (Also Classroom Friendly)

Are these fonts all free?
All these fonts a free for personal use. Things like decorations for your house or making your own greeting cards are things that most designers include in “personal use”. If you have more questions check out this article on Font Licensing.

Font Used in the title image is DJB I Love a Ginger.

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